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Chapman Valley Horse Riding
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Chapman Valley Horse Riding This property's availability may have up to 24 hours confirmation waiting period.

7054 Putty Rd, Howes Valley, NSW 2330

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Nestled in the Hunter Valley, located 1 hour from Singleton is a place where you can ride through the Australian Bush; experiencing nature up close & personal.
+61 02 6579 4593

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2 Hour Horse Ride - 10am
2 Hour Horse Ride - 2pm
4 Hour Horse Ride - 1PM
4 Hour Horse Ride - 9AM
Full Day (6hr) Horse Ride - 10am
Nestled in the Hunter Valley, located 1 hour from Singleton is a place where you can ride through the Australian Bush; experiencing nature up close & personal.
Chapman Valley Horse Riding is a family owned & run business, over 6,500 acres of privately owned land... which has been owned by the Chapman’s since 1840!
We pride our horses in being the best in the area. They are kept active, not only physically but also mentally, meaning they will not become bored or mechanical. We offer our horses variety every day, so they will happily follow your every command!
Offering small and personalised group tours, Chapman Valley offers the best hors riding experience in Australia.
Not only are our horses and tours top quality, but our prices are extremely reasonable! We offer cheap horse riding for those on a budget, with a higher quality standard than most
No previous experience is required!
We feel that everyone should experience the thrill of horse riding and everyone has to start somewhere. The staff at Chapman Valley Horse Riding have coached numerous beginners, in fact the majority of people who come to us have never been on a horse.
So don't be shy, let us know if you're nervous and we will match you with the perfect, confidence building horse!

2016 Singleton Small Business Award
Cancellation Policy / Terms & Conditions
All changes to rides including cancellations numbers of riders rider details and time of ride must be made 48 hours prior to commencement of ride otherwise full payment is lost. This includes no-shows for any reason. Cancellations made earlier than 48 hours to departure will be refunded less a 20% Administration Fee. We ask for bookings to be made at least 72 hours in advance – however bookings made within the 48 hour period prior to a departure time are still subject to the above mentioned cancellation policy. CVHR reserves the right to cancel a ride for any reason including but not limited to weather conditions safety security or minimum numbers not being achieved. In this event bookings can be rescheduled or refunded in the form of a gift voucher. Although CVHR will endeavor to contact participants if rides are cancelled it remains the responsibility of the participant to confirm rides prior to arriving at CVHR. Bookings may be transferred to another person with no penalties so long as CVHR is notified more than 48hours prior to commencement of ride and no changes are made to ride numbers or the booking date and time.

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